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Greg Ragland is no stranger to the digital world, but his forthcoming NFT launch “Digital Layers” will be the first public display of his digital prowess.

This new NFT project sized for an 8K screen intrinsically explores the same dimensional depths as his current abstract series. “The paintings he calls “Parallel Layers” are painted on large sheets of clear plexiglass, primarily in acrylic (plastic) paints that he appears to squeegee onto both the fronts and backs, so that neither coat of paint covers its side entirely. Instead, as the eye travels back and forth over the panel, the mind discovers how the various painterly gestures interact in an expansive-but-inaccessible space.” 1

Replicating the same layering process he creates in his multi-media work, this digital series allows collectors to explore the layered space of their screens, letting the palpable painting’s internal illumination pull them into their own layered memories. Viewers who have seen this new work, this new space, reflect the same raw appreciation for the pieces.

Ragland’s exploration into the digital representation of his physical series was an epiphany for him. Adding layers digitally is a dimension, making the separation of looking through or into something obsolete when viewing any artwork.

The inaugural NFT launch “Digital Layers” from Greg Ragland will be limited to 50 originals: one-of-ones.

Get layered! Drop date coming soon.

1 Geoff Wichert, The Many Dimensions of Greg Ragland (15 bytes: Artists of Utah, 2021)

The images below represent just a few of Greg Ragland’s inaugural NFT collection. They are taken from the actual digital art and represent a detail of the NFT to be launched.

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